Visit and consultation with endometriosis patients

تماس با دکتر یوسف فام

Visit and consultation with endometriosis patients

Endometriosis is a possible disease in women and is caused by the passage of uterine tissue outside the uterus into the pelvic cavity, ovaries or sometimes the abdominal wall.  Sometimes endometriosis causes other organs, such as the intestine, ureter, and even the bladder, which can cause complications.

 Endometriosis is less well known and there are not many centers in our country that cure severe cases.  Dr. Yousef Fam has been collaborating with these highly advanced patients in Iran for the past three years in collaboration with esteemed Gynecologists who have had laparoscopic surgery Fellowship from Iran and colleagues from the United Kingdom.  Have been treated with a very good result.

 All patients with severe endometriosis with intestinal involvement and severe pelvic involvement can refer to Dr. Yousef fam’s clinic for advice and the best possible treatment.  To contact Dr. Yousef Fam’s office, please visit our contact page.

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