Introducing New Laparoscopic Surgery Technique for Rectal Endometriosis

 Introducing New Laparoscopic Surgery Technique for Endometrial Bowel Endometriosis For the first time in the world at the Colorectal Congress in Switzerland, Dr. Hossein Yousef fam presented a method of treating endometriosis, which will be described below.


Etometricosis is one of the chronic illnesses that can affect women in fertility, this is a chronic illness, boring and with high pain, although its intensity and soil in different people may not be the same. In some endometriosis, and in some people, endometriosis has a brief signs.

Endometriosis can cauptomy the pelvic organs, including feet, female bladder, rectum (right intestine), large intestine and ovarian endometriosis


Diagnosis of endometriosis

The diagnosis of endometriosis with transgenic and transctal ultrasound ultrasound with an improved radiologist today has easy to detect endometriosis and adhesion and less need to do diagnostic laparoscopy.

Treatment of endometriosis

Endometriosis treatment for treating endometriosis lesions that causes severe symptoms in the patient, usually forced to surge and endometrioste lesions, in person who has severe endometriosis and coincide neonometrosis, are forced to remove part of the intestine, typically in larger lesions, a part of the intestine is completely removed and the two healthy stems are remembered again, which is called in the term to an anastomosis.

In cases where the lesion is smaller, the former was removed from this lesion and its place was sewn that could be the risk of sewing and distant location, as well as the risk of stenosis in the intestine, and this surgery was timelined and the fecal contamination of the pelvis caused the infections after surgery.

In the technique for the first in the world, using a steppers previously a well-climp and is used for rectal prolapse, this stepple is used to remove the anterior renal endometriosis.

This method has been carried out in more than 50 patients in Iran and the results are quite satisfactory, do not cause less surgical duration and stenosis of the surgical activity.


تصاویری از اندومتریوز

تصاویری از اندومتریوز


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