Colon cancer and rectal cancer

Rectal or colon cancer

سرطان رکتوم یا راست روده

Rectal or colon cancer

What is a rectum ?  The rectum or rectum is called the 15 cm end of the colon.  It grows through the anus about 3 cm in length.  The rectum plays a very important physiological role in the excretion process.

Like all parts of the colon, the rectum may also be involved in cancer, called rectal or rectal cancer.  Because of the specific anatomy of the rectum, the treatment of rectal cancer with the colon is slightly different and more complex.


Stages of treatment for rectal cancer

 Depending on the stage of the disease in rectal cancer, it may be necessary to minimize the tumor before surgery using 28 radiotherapy sessions and then have surgery.  Usually the time of surgery is 6 to 12 weeks after radiotherapy is completed.

Laparoscopy is the surgical procedure of choice for rectal cancer and if done correctly, the recurrence of the disease and its complications is no different from open surgery.

Usually, because of pelvic radiotherapy treatment and ensuring that the anastomosis (bowel transplant site) is located in the pelvis, it is preferable to have an ileostomy (fecal sac in the abdominal wall) prevent the patient from having a fecal route away from the surgical site for a sufficient time for suture repair.  Ensure bowel in the pelvis.  Usually this time can vary from 1 to 6 months and after surgery to ensure the health of the intestinal graft the ostomy can be surgically removed and the stool will be removed from the normal anal area.

In cases where rectal cancer is located near the anus and involves the sphincter muscles, it is necessary to remove the entire anus with its sphincter muscles along with the rectum and in this case it is necessary to have a permanent ostomy which is usually left in place.  The navel is inserted and the anus is completely closed.  After surgery and wound healing, rectal cancer is needed.

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