HAL-RAR Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoid treatments are as wide as previously mentioned and can be used depending on each stage of treatment for hemorrhoids.  Each of which has side effects that may affect the quality of treatment.  In our HAL-RAR Hemorrhoid Surgery article, we will give a full explanation of the new hemorrhoid therapy.

 Since hemorrhoids are the normal tissue of the body, removal of them, considered to be one of the major hemorrhoidal surgical procedures, is associated with many complications and is thought to cause anal stricture or relative incontinence.

 One of the new ways to treat hemorrhoids is to close the hemorrhoid vessels and fix the hemorrhoids in their normal place, while minimizing complications while treating the disease.  In the HAL-RAR method (Hemorrhoidal Arterial Ligation and recto anal repair) using AMI HAL-RAR device, the vessels are first identified and closed and then proliferated in RAR technique and lowered hemorrhoids to their normal location.  It is fixed and not only bleeding is controlled, hemorrhoidal mass removal from the anus is also resolved and due to the internal prolapse of the rectum the patient’s excretions improve and the feeling of incomplete and difficult excretion disappears.

 This procedure is performed by Dr. Hossein Youseffam with the lowest complications in the country three years ago. For consultation and visit to Dr. Youseffam contact us site and after contacting Dr. Youseffam’s office get the necessary advice.

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