Endoscopic Ultrasound

One of the diagnostic tools for anal and rectal and pelvic floor diseases is the use of endo-anal (intra-rectal) and endo-rectal (intra-rectal) ultrasound.  With a 2-degree probe, it can deliver 2-degree images of the anus and its surrounding tissues for accurate diagnosis.


Uses of Andal Anal Ultrasound :

Infectious anal diseases such as fistula and perianal abscess

Fecal incontinence

Anal masses

Anal muscle tear (sphincter)

Rectal tumors

Rectal endometriosis

 Preparation for Endosonography :

 Early preparations for endo-anal ultrasound, including the use of bisacodyl suppository, are required to drain the end of the intestine.

 Endo-anal ultrasound is painless and requires no anesthesia and lasts 1 to 5 minutes.

 This ultrasound can be done at the doctor’s office and you can contact Dr. Joseph’s office for further information.

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