Proctoscopy or seeing rectum is one of the tools for diagnosis in colorectal disease. In a proctoscopy with a proctoscope equipped with a high-quality cold-blooded camera, using the air blowing into the rectum (rectum), full vision of the rectum is created and can be measured accurately to a distance of 25 cm from the rectum and the colon. And if necessary biopsy (sampling).

Application of Proctoscopy

 Proctoscopy is used in cases of clear bleeding from the rectum and inflammation of the rectum, examination of the site of stitching and dosing in rectal surgeries as well as rectal prolapse examination.



 No anesthesia or anesthetic medications are needed for a proctoscopy, and this is not too painful.

One should be prepared for a proctoscopy the day before, which involves the use of three bisacodyl suppositories and a 24-hour fluid intake.

Proctoscopy does not require complete preparation such as colonoscopy.


The cost of a proctoscopy

 The cost of a proctoscopy is much less than a colonoscopy, and it takes a very short time.

Proctoscopy can also be done to close small internal hemorrhoids if needed, a treatment that can be done if needed.

At Dr. Yousef Fam’s clinic, this is done with the most up-to-date devices in the world and with the best quality.

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